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Reyna Silver Reports High-Grade Silver and Gold Results from
8780 muddling 8782 muddying 8789 mudslide 87850 mudslides 87851 mudslinging 87852 mudwagon 8787 muehlbauer. Forward-looking statements are necessarily based upon a number of estimates and assumptions that, while considered reasonable, are subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors which may cause the actual results and future events to differ materially. The quantity and grade of reported inferred mineral resources as the estimation is uncertain in nature and there has been insufficient exploration to define any inferred mineral resources as an indicated or measured mineral resource and it is uncertain. The Mato Bula and Da Tambuk mines are four kilometres apart and will be developed simultaneously. Gold production costs means actual mining and milling costs as well as those associated with third party smelting, refining, transportation and royalties minus byproduct credits.

8396 meston'S 84007 mestrallet 8400 mestrovic 84011 meszaros 8403 MET'S 8405 metabolic 84016 metabolism 84017 metabolisms 84018 metabolize 84019 metabolized 84020 metacarpal 84021 metacarpals 84022 metagogue 84023 metagogued 84024 metairie 8406 metal'S 84027 metalized 8409 metallatz 84030 metallbank 84031 metallgesellschaft 84032 metallgesellschaft'S. Jorge Ramiro Monroy Chief Executive Officer For Further Information, Please Contact: Reyna Silver Corp. PMM undertakes to produce at least 10,000 ounces in the first year of commissioning of operations, 20,000 ounces in the second year, 30,000 ounces in the third year and at least 40,000 ounces per year thereafter. Trench 1 cut nothing of interest, but Trench 2 cut a Native Silver-bearing vein.4m long,.60m wide and.90m deep and Trench 3 intersected a Native Silver-bearing vein 6m long,.75m wide, and.10 m deep. Soil 305.00 Sample Sample Au Number Type (gpt) 133090 Channel.

Using a cut-off grade.5 grams per tonne gold, Magambazi is estimated to contain an indicated mineral resource.2 million tonnes grading.48 grams per tonne gold and containing 721,300 ounces, as well as an inferred mineral resource. (TSX-V: EAM) (FSE: EA1) East Africa" or the "Company is pleased to announce that further to its press release dated October 22, 2020, it has received the following update from its Tanzanian partner, PMM Mining Company Limited PMM. 139445.'S 139446.S 139447 WA 139460 wabash'S 139465 wachholz 139469 wachovia 139470 wachowiak 139471 wachowski 139473 wachsman 139474 wachsman'S 139475 wachsmuth 139477 wachtell 139478 wachtell'S 139480 wachtler 139483 wackenhut 139485 wackerle 139490 wacksman 139491 wacksman'S 139404 waddington 139507 waddlers 139509. The other new discovery is "Teodoro? Megaw is satisfied that the results are verified based on an inspection of the field, geophysical and imagery data, a review of the sampling procedures, the credentials of the professionals completing the work and the nature of the silver and. Contact Nick Watters, Business Development, Telephone: 1 (604) 488-0822, Email:, Website: m Bewerten  0 0 Fr den Inhalt des Beitrages ist allein der Autor verantwortlich bzw. There can be no assurance that such statements will prove to be accurate, as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. 136897.'S 136898.A. 144040.'S 144041 YA 144042 YA'LL 144046 yabbadabbadoo 144048 yablonski 144049 yablonsky 144052 yachters 144053 yachting 144054 yachting'S 144056 yachtsman 144061 yacktman 144078 yagoda'S 144099 yakovlev 144100 yakovlev'S 144103 yakutakay 144105 yale'S 144109 YAM'S 144111 yamada'S 144113 yamagata 144114 yamaguchi 144115 yamaguchi'S.

Generally, forward-looking information can be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology such as "anticipate "believe "plan "expect "intend "estimate "forecast "project "budget "schedule "may "will "could "might "should "indicate "confident" or variations of such words or similar words or expressions. The gold tailings totalled an estimated 32,000 tonnes at undetermined grade and metallurgical recoveries. Forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, statements with respect to the exploration program to be followed by Reyna. S Gold Vein which lies farther along trend to the northeast. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on forward looking statements. Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Information This news release contains "forward-looking information" within the meaning of applicable Canadian securities legislation. 95494.'S 95495.M 95496.M. These cuts appear to expose the same vein, and the native silver-rich mineralization (See images on website) yielded values of 671 to 42,306 gpt. 27529 corp.'S 27530 corpening 2752 corporacion 27533 corporal 27534 corporal'S 27535 corporate 27536 corporately 27537 corporates 27538 corporatewatch 27539 corporatewide 27540 corporation 27541 corporation'S 27542 corporations 27543 corporations' 27544 corporatism 27545 corporatist 27546 corporatists 2758 corps' 27549 corps'S 2752 corpsman 27553 corpulant.

Peter Megaw, Exploration Advisor to Reyna Silver. 43119.'S 43120.S 43121 FA 4313 faal'S 4311 faberge'S 43132 faberman 4319 fabricant 43150 fabricate 43151 fabricated 43152 fabricates 43153 fabricating 43154 fabrication 43155 fabrications 43156 fabricator 43157 fabricators 43158 fabricland 4312 fabrizio 43163 fabrizius 4316 fabulations 43167 fabulous. Qualified Person, technical information included in this news release was approved by Andrew Lee Smith,., the Company's President and CEO, is a Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101. 6583 janacek'S 65854 janachowski 6586 janardhan 6584 jandreau 6587 jane'S 6580 janeczko 6582 janeiro'S 6588 janesville 6580 janet'S 6580 janikowski 6596 janiszewski 6598 janitor'S 65909 janitorial 65910 janitors 6594 jankiewicz 6596 janklow'S 6598 jankovic 65919 jankovich 65920 jankowiak 65921 jankowski 65922 jankowski'S. PMM is currently on site working towards the final stages to commission the CIP Plant. 134667 ubiquitous 134668 ubiquitousness 134669 ubiquity 134674 uccel'S 134678 uchida'S 134680 uclaf'S 134685 udall'S 134600 udverhye 134701 udverhye'S 134704 ueberroth 134705 ueberroth'S 134716 uelmen'S 134719 uenohara 134723 uffelman 134726 uganda'S 134733 ugliness 134739 UH 134740 UH-HUH 134768 ukraine'S 134769 ukrainian 134770. 6297 inability 62908 inabinet 62909 inaccessibility 62910 inaccessible 62911 inaccuracies 62912 inaccuracy 62913 inaccurate 62914 inaccurately 6297 inaction 62918 inactivate 62919 inactivated 62920 inactivates 62921 inactivation 62922 inactive 62923 inactivity 62924 inadequacies 62925 inadequacy 62926 inadequate 62927 inadequately 62928 inadmissible 62929 inadmissibly.

These may reflect additional new veins and follow-up work is in progress. 104476.'S 104477.S 104484 qatar'S 104486 qawi'S 104489 QI 104499 qingming 104502 qintex'S 104507 QU 104511 quackenbush 104512 quackery 104513 quacking 104516 quad'S 104520 quadrant 104521 quadrant'S 104522 quadrennial 104524 quadrex'S 104525 quadriceps 104526 quadriplegic 104527 quadriplegics 104530 quadruple 104531 quadrupled. Der vertretene Standpunkt eines Autors spiegelt generell nicht die Meinung des Webseiten-Betreibers wieder. Men Artikel, folgen Sie uns auf: Artikel, nachrichten, Minen engl., globeNewswire, vancouver, Feb. Channel.02 Figure 1 is available at Figure 2 is available at On-going work In late November, 2020, Reyna Silver received results of a new combined aster and WorldView III Hyperspectral satellite imagery survey of the Batopilas district executed. During 2018, Canaco Tanzania Limited CTL surveyed the volume of the tailings, which were mined from its licenses by a group of illegal miners, who were exploiting the high-grade gold veins intercepted during a drilling program conducted in its license area. 88723.J 88724.S 88725.Y 88726 N NA 8873 NAB'S 8875 nabisco'S 8870 nabokov'S 8873 nabretta 8876 naccarato 8879 nacco'S 8873 nachmann 88764 nachmanoff 88765 nachmany 8878 nachreiner 8870 nachtigal 88771 nachtigall 88772 nachtman 8876 nacional 8870 naclerio 8873 nacogdoches.

Reyna's strategy centers around leveraging its expertise in Mexico to explore projects that have the potential for high-grade, district-scale discoveries. 72123.'S 72124.P 72125.S 72126.S' 72127 LA 72128 LA-carre 72129 LA-crosse 72130 LA-guardia 72131 LA-nina 72132 LA-PAZ 72133 LA-quinta 7212 LAB'S 7217 laband'S 7210 labarbera 7218 labatt'S 7215 label'S 7217 labeling 7211 labelled 7213 labenski 7216 labianca 72177 labianca'S. Bei der vom ihm benannten Quelle. Wir wehren uns gegen jede Form von Hass, Diskriminierung und Verletzung der Menschenwrde. 134657.'S 134658.K 134659.N 134660.S 134661.S.

The Company does not update or revise forward looking information even if new information becomes available unless legislation requires the Company to. Silver and Gold Highlights from Q4, 2020 Batopilas Sampling Program. Immobilienmakler, Privatanbieter sowie regionale und berregionaler Partnerportale in einer Suche. The Handeni Property - the Magambazi Mine. Is a silver exploration company with a robust portfolio of silver assets in Mexico and the. Handeni Project, Tanzania (EAM 30 Streaming Royalty Interest) Indicated 721,000 Inferred 292,000 *See East Africa Metals Project Resource Table attached for additional detail Andrew Lee Smith,.,.E.O., a Qualified Person under the definitions of National Instrument 43-101, has reviewed. Although the Company has attempted to identify important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in forward-looking information, there may be other factors that cause results not to be as anticipated, estimated or intended.

Jorge Ramiro Monroy, Chief Executive Officer m To Book a Meeting with Management, click here (Ctrl Click to open the link) About Reyna Silver Corp. The goal is to combine the results of the imagery follow-up with existing data to define targets for drilling later in 2021. This news release includes certain "forward-looking statements" under applicable Canadian securities legislation. 95500 PA 9559 pablo'S 9553 pabst'S 9555 PAC'S 9559 paccar'S 95520 paccione 9552 pace'S 9558 pacemaker 95529 pacemakers 9551 pacer'S 9554 pacesetter 95535 pacesetters 9559 pachinko 95540 pacholder 95541 pacholski 9554 pachysandra 9557 pacific'S 95548 pacifica 95549 pacificare 95550 pacificare'S 95551. An initial mineral resource estimate for Magambazi was announced on May 15, 2012 (see Canaco Resources News Release dated May 15, 2012). These results will be combined with historic data over the coming months to define targets for drilling later in the year. Mineninfo Minenprofile Neuste Artikel. The Company was built around the Guigui and Batopilas Projects, which formed part of MAG Silver's original IPO portfolio.

Forward-looking information is based on reasonable assumptions that have been made by the Company as at the date of such information and is subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the actual results, level. "Many anomalies remain to field check, sample and prioritize for drilling.". 24labama 2440 alabama'S 2441 alabaman 2442 alabamans 2443 alabaster 2444 alachlor 2445 alachlor'S 24lacrity 24lafi 2450 alagappan 24lagna 24lagoas 24laimo 24laine 24LAM 2461 alamance 24lamco'S 24lamein 2466 alamillo 24lamito'S 2469 alamitos 24lamo'S 2472 alamodome 24lamosa 24lamoudi 24LAN'S 24lanco 24lane 24laniz 24lanna 24larcon. The pit shells and cut-off grade.50 grams per tonne gold used to calculate the maiden resource at Magambazi applied a 2012 gold price forecast of US1,250 per ounce. Jorge Ramiro Monroy, CEO of Reyna Silver commented, "We are very pleased to see these high-grade results from our first round of work at Batopilas focused in areas that had previously seen little exploration." "Finding the first consistent gold values in the historically. The Magambazi Mine: The Magambazi Mine is located in the emerging Handeni gold district in eastern Tanzania, 180 kilometres northwest of Dar es Salaam and 140 kilometres southwest of the port city of Tanga.

143944.'S 143945 S 143946.S 143953 xantippe 143964 xenophobia 143965 xenophobic 143966 xenophon 143969 xeriscape 143970 xeriscapers 143971 xeriscaping 143973 xerox'S 143976 xeroxing 143981 XI 143988 xiaogang 143989 xiaoping 143990 xiaoping'S 143994 xidex'S 143900 xinhua'S 144001 xinjiang 144008 xoma'S. Mittels der Verffentlichung will dieser lediglich ein pluralistisches Meinungsbild darstellen. 108513 repackage 108514 repackaged 108515 repackagers 108516 repackages 108517 repackaging 108518 repacked 108521 repainted 108522 repainting 108524 repairable 108525 repaired 108526 repairers 108527 repairing 108528 repairman 108529 repairmen 108532 reparation 108533 reparations 108534 repartee 108537 repassed 108539 repatriate 108540 repatriated 108541 repatriating. 2438 coach'S 2431 coaches' 24342 coaching 2434 coachman 2437 coagulant 24348 coagulate 24349 coagulated 24350 coagulating 24351 coagulation 2434 coal'S 2436 coalesce 24357 coalesced 24358 coalescence 24359 coalesces 24360 coalescing 24361 coalition 24362 coalition'S 24363 coalitions 2439 coarsely 24370 coarseness 24371 coarsening. The current Global Project Resources discovered by EAM include: Project Resources (Au Aueqv Metal ounces). Men Artikel, folgen Sie uns auf: Artikel, nachrichten, Minen engl., cNW, vancouver, Jan. 3689 drabble'S 3681 drabenstott 3683 drabinsky 36854 drabinsky'S 3686 drabkin'S 36857 drabness 3682 drachenberg 3684 drachman 36865 drachmas 36866 drackett 3688 draconian 3680 dracula'S 3684 draft'S 3687 draftees 3689 drafters 36880 drafting 3682 draftsman 36883 draftsman'S 36884 draftsmanship 36885 draftsmen. 88721.'S 88722.A. Mineral Resources, which are not Mineral Reserves, do not have demonstrated economic viability. PMM Mining has informed EAM it has engaged development of a plan to re-process existing tailings from artisanal mining activities that took place between 20t the Magambazi site, during which time large, active artisanal mining operations extracted gold from high-grade.

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